Hokey Woodworking

Jerry Haakonson, the Artist, is a student of how things work.  HokeyWoodworking is the result of working with his hands for many years.  He learned welding and wood working from his Father.  


Jerry's ability to build furniture and cabinets came easy.  However, it was the natural beauty of the wood that captured his interest.  The grain that made an ordinary piece extraordinary.  How a blemish made the piece unique.

Jerry's Mother was also a strong infuence in his life.  It is a tribute to her that the business is called HokeyWoodworking as Hokey was her nickname. It was her natural beauty and belief in Jerry that inspires him today.

Jerry enjoys turning keepsakes from wood that has meaning for a customer - the family tree, the stump of a Christmas tree.  He turned a Bowling Pin Urn as a resting place for a Father to celebrate his favorite past time.  He created keepsakes that displayed medallians for another customer.  Jerry can create customer designed treasures. 

Contact Hokey Woodworking to get your ideas into the design phase.  Available items to purchase on Etsy Store - link provided on Tool Bar.